Education and Resource Package

  • Education and Resource Package

    As part of the "Oral Care in Continuing Care Settings" project, a number of hands-on and educational resources have been developed to assist care providers in delivering daily oral care to their older residents/clients.

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  • Oral Care Manual

    Oral Health Resource Manual

    The oral care manual houses information on all of the hands-on and educational tools developed as part of this project. It includes: information on care cards, toolkits, daily and annual oral health assessments, oral care planning, proper technique for brushing and flossing, oral care products and aids, and various oral conditions.

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  • Oral Care Manual - Table of Contents

    Oral Health Resource Manual
    - Table of Contents

    The oral care manual houses information on all of the hands-on and educational tools developed as part of this project.

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  • Tool-Kits

    Oral Health Tool-Kits for Residents

    Oral health toolkits were developed to store oral care supplies only. Having the necessary oral care supplies is a key factor in providing adequate oral care.

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  • Care Cards

    Care Cards for residents and clients of Adult Day Clinic

    Oral care cards outline the necessary steps for providing oral care to someone with natural teeth, dentures, partials, or a combination of natural teeth and dentures⁄partials. There is also a card available for those residents⁄ clients who have difficulty swallowing.

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  • Assessment Forms

    Oral Health Assessment Forms

    A daily Oral Health Assessment sheet was developed for recording any problems observed by the care provider when performing the resident's daily oral care routine. An Annual Oral Health Assessment form and an Oral Hygiene Care Plan was also designed by out project team.

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  • Posters

    Posters Promoting Oral Health

    As part of the invervention (Oral Care Action Plan) posters promoting oral health were developed. This is an example of one of the posters hung in the Long-term Care (LTC) facilities to raise awareness about oral health and to promote our research project.

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  • Fact/Information Sheets

    Information Sheets

    Information sheets on a number of common oral health problems are included as part of the resource kit. There are information sheets on periodontal disease, gum disease, dental caries and diet, dry mouth, denture care and labeling dentures and several others.

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  • Oral Health Products/Aids

    Oral Health Products/Aids

    Information on a variety of products & aids available to facilitate the delivery of daily oral care and/or to enhance resident comfort.

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  • Educational Videos

    Educational Videos

    During the implementation of the Oral Care Action Plan, the team hygienist visited each of the LTC facilities to deliver 5 different education sessions to staff. The educational sessions were then developed into educational videos.

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In the News

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What is this research about?

Photo-Oral examination in long-term care facility This research collaboration includes researchers and community partners from three long-term care facilities on Nova Scotia's eastern shore and a variety of stakeholders that include seniors representatives, facility administrators, university and community college educators, primary care providers as well as policy decision makers. Together, we are exploring the broad spectrum of influences on daily mouth care in long-term care and through this research, are establishing a formal process for integrating oral care into organizational policy and practice in four continuing care settings.

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What's New - Featured Information

Dementia & Oral Care - Information sheet
  • Dementia & Oral Care - Find care tips and facts on dementia in this Information sheet

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Photo - Oral Health Resource Manual
  • The Oral Health Resource Manual is now available in French!

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Brushing Up on Mouth Care - Facilitator Guide
  • "Brushing Up on Mouth Care" Facilitator Guide - View the guide, presentation materials and the training webinar.

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"Brushing Up on Mouth Care" Educational video series

The Educational video series is now for sale on the Dalhousie Bookstore website!
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*Please note: Only the 5-disc educational video series is available for purchase. Other resources in the 'Brushing Up on Mouth Care' program are available for download on the project website and are not included with the purchase of the video series. Please see the 'Terms of Use' for the video series before purchase.

Watch the second video module
Brushing Techniques & Oral Health Products (runs 50:40)

This series of educational videos focuses on personal daily mouth care for older adults. Many older adults experience a decline in physical and mental health as they age. This often leaves them dependant on others to assist them with their personal care needs.

There are five learning modules in this series that relate to various aspects of providing daily mouth care.

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